Mary Elizabeth (mareliz) wrote in iconmakerawards,
Mary Elizabeth

Looking for a mod

Since reprieved has a lot going on right now, and is pretty busy, she's decided that she won't be able to continue being a mod at iconmakerawards.

So...We're looking for a third mod. It needs to be someone that is a talented artist and can handle the job.

If you're interested:
What you'll be doing: 1)judging icons at the application post, and 2)on Mondays, you'll post and let everyone know they can start posting their icons in the 2-week period. That's all, basically.

You'll need to fully understand the rules, and be able to check the application post often to see if anyone has applied so you can judge the icons.

You'll still be able to participate. All the mods can post their own icons if they want.

If you're interested, or know anyone that would be interested, just comment here. :)
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I'd love to help out! I'm currently a mod at alias_stillness, lost_hush and syd_stillness desperate_icons, and co-mod at alias_awards and alias_icons. I currently have no life, so it wouldn't be much of a problem to help out!
That sounds great! Lol I have no life either...

I'll go give you mod status now! :)
So do you think you can post an entry tomorrow morning saying something like "You can start posting your icons now" or something along those lines? Lol. Just get the idea across.
Hehe, I sure can!
I would love to. I have mod experience at icon communities (including celebicon_elite a judging icon community just getting started\).

Let me know; I have no life and would have plenty of time.
Nevermind; :) Already picked someone!